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7 Alternatives to ICOs for Blockchain Fundraising: Crypto Airdrops, IDOs, and Beyond

After the decline of ICOs due to regulatory scrutiny and scams in 2017 and 2018, it was believed that ICOs were no longer viable.

Alternative fundraising methods such as IEOs, INOs, and airdrops emerged as replacements for ICOs.

Some experts predict a new ICO boom is on the horizon, albeit with smaller fundraising amounts compared to the past.

Newer forms of token raises, like airdrops, have become popular as a marketing technique to attract users and build communities.

Gaming projects are utilizing in-game rewards and NFTs for fundraising, while DePIN projects are turning to node sales for decentralized physical infrastructure.

Some companies, like Upland, are taking a unique approach by launching their in-app token to the market after building an ecosystem.

Utility tokens with social utility, like Undrgrnd’s token for promoting art and music, are gaining traction.

Traditional token sales, like IDOs and IEOs, are still prevalent but have improved their risk management and utility token design compared to ICOs of the past.


– ICOs declined due to regulatory scrutiny and scams in 2017 and 2018.

– Alternative fundraising methods like IEOs, INOs, and airdrops emerged.

– New ICO boom predicted with smaller fundraising amounts.

– Airdrops used as a marketing technique for community building.

– Gaming projects using in-game rewards and NFTs for fundraising.

– DePIN projects turning to node sales for decentralized infrastructure.

– Unique approaches like Upland launching in-app token to the market.

– Utility tokens with social utility gaining popularity.

– Traditional token sales like IDOs and IEOs still prevalent with improved risk management.

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