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AI Eye: Outrage Over ChatGPT's Refusal to Use Slurs, Q* Allegedly 'Breaks Encryption', and 99% of Web Content Deemed Fake

AI Eye: Outrage Over ChatGPT’s Refusal to Use Slurs, Q* Allegedly ‘Breaks Encryption’, and 99% of Web Content Deemed Fake

Title: Controversy Surrounding ChatGPT’s Refusal to Use Racial Slurs


– Social media users expressed outrage when ChatGPT, an AI model, refused to say racial slurs in hypothetical scenarios.

– User TedFrank posed a trolley problem scenario where saying a racial slur could save one billion white people, but ChatGPT refused.

– Elon Musk criticized ChatGPT’s refusal, calling it a result of the “woke mind virus” ingrained in the AI.

– OpenAI strengthened ChatGPT’s guardrails to prevent it from saying racist or offensive language.

– Trolls attempting to make AIs say offensive stuff is not new, as seen with Microsoft’s Tay bot.

– OpenAI’s Q* project was falsely rumored to have broken encryption, but experts believe it to be unlikely.

– The internet is facing an increasing amount of AI-generated content, leading to concerns about fake information and manipulated algorithms.

– Bots posing as humans are becoming more sophisticated and are potentially undermining democracy.

– OpenAI’s Grok AI, with real-time data analysis capabilities, will soon be available to subscribers.

Note: The rewritten version removes the racial slurs and offensive language present in the original text.

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