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AI Eye: Practical Applications of AI in Cryptocurrency, Google's Competitor GPT-4, AI Edge for Underperforming Employees

AI Eye: Practical Applications of AI in Cryptocurrency, Google’s Competitor GPT-4, AI Edge for Underperforming Employees

AI and crypto are not just buzz phrases, but rather they are being actively explored and implemented in various industries. At Korean Blockchain Week and Token2049 in Singapore, crypto project leaders discussed their plans for utilizing AI. Maker founder Rune Christensen aims to relaunch his project with sub-DAOs employing AI governance, focusing on coordination and communication rather than rule enforcement. Near founder Illia Polosukhin sees potential in using blockchain to prove the provenance of content, ensuring users can distinguish between genuine and AI-generated content. The Sandbox is already using AI for content moderation and exploring its use in music, avatar generation, and user-generated content. Framework Ventures founder Vance Spencer sees AI being used to train models and sell them as tokens on-chain. These are just a few examples of how AI is being integrated into the crypto space.

AI and crypto are often seen as opposing forces, with AI being a technology of control and crypto being one of liberation. PayPal founder Peter Thiel argues that AI could enable centralized control of an entire economy, while crypto offers a decentralized and individualized world.

In other news, Roblox has introduced a new feature called Assistant, which allows users to build virtual assets and write code using generative AI. Boston Consulting Group conducted a study that found below-average workers benefit the most from using AI tools, with their output improving by 43%, compared to a 17% improvement for above-average workers. Google’s GPT-4 competitor, Gemini, is nearing release and aims to offer not just text generation capabilities but also image generation and other features like voice control and chart analysis.

Researchers at Tsinghua University in China have developed an AI system that plans cities in line with the concept of “15-minute cities” that prioritize walkability and green spaces. The AI was able to improve on human designs by 50% in terms of access to services, green spaces, and traffic levels.

Stephen Fry, the British comedian and actor, revealed that his voice has been cloned using AI voice cloning technology. He warns that AI will advance at a faster rate than any other technology and that it’s a strange time to be alive.

In other AI news, Meta is working on a new model to compete with GPT-4, Microsoft has open-sourced an AI for designing proteins, and several companies, including Palantir and IBM, have signed up for the White House’s responsible AI development plans. Sixty U.S. senators attended a private briefing on the risks of AI, and Finnish prisoners are being paid to help train AI models. The U.S. is leading the AI race with the most startups and investment.

Overall, AI and crypto are not just buzz phrases but are actively being explored and implemented in various industries, with potential benefits and challenges to consider.

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