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An Interview with Lugui Tillier: Exploring Bitcoin, Ordinals, and the Future of Crypto through 6 Key Questions

An Interview with Lugui Tillier: Exploring Bitcoin, Ordinals, and the Future of Crypto through 6 Key Questions

Lugui Tillier is the sales manager for Lumx Studios, a leading cryptocurrency firm in Rio de Janeiro. He holds dual citizenship between Belgium and Brazil and has a deep passion for cryptocurrency that started when a friend introduced him to the concept. In 2021, he joined Lumx as his first full-time crypto job.

Lumx is a blockchain abstraction solution for large enterprises. They assist businesses in integrating blockchain into their operations and offer services such as payment solutions and decentralized identity solutions. Their goal is to enable big companies to work and experiment with blockchain technology without the need for extensive knowledge or resources.

Tillier personally invests in layer 2 solutions like Polygon, Arbitrum, and ZK-Sync. He believes that layer 2s are better prepared for the next wave of growth in the crypto industry. He also expresses interest in Bitcoin Ordinals and Ordinal Maxi Biz, as he sees an explosion of nonfungible tokens being built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In the next 10 years, Tillier envisions Bitcoin and Ethereum as the main consensus platforms in the world. He believes that Bitcoin will transition from being just an asset to becoming a platform for storing and trading other assets.

The main hurdle to mass adoption of blockchain technology, according to Tillier, is its complex infrastructure. It is challenging for both end-users and traditional companies to navigate the intricacies of blockchain. However, emerging abstraction solutions are making it easier for people to adopt blockchain technology without compromising decentralization completely.

In his free time, Tillier enjoys studying philosophy, particularly stoicism. He finds solace in the teachings of stoicism, which help him navigate the volatility and unpredictability of the crypto world. He believes that mastering the principles of stoicism allows him to find peace in this chaotic industry.

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