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Controversy Surrounds Crypto's Controversial Glitch Artist Patrick Amadon, NFT Creator

Controversy Surrounds Crypto’s Controversial Glitch Artist Patrick Amadon, NFT Creator

Patrick Amadon is a Los Angeles-based glitch artist who combines his passion for art and activism. He is known for his controversial works, such as the “No Rioters” digital billboard displayed at Hong Kong Art Week, which was eventually taken down for its political undertones. Amadon is also vocal about the lack of diversity in the art world and pulled out of Sotheby’s glitch show due to the absence of women and non-binary artists.

Amadon was inspired by Beeple’s $69 million NFT sale and saw an opportunity to attribute value to his own digital art. He believes that the crypto space is disruptive and challenges existing structures, making it a platform for artists to have more control and impact.

Amadon sees art as a medium for activism and uses it to comment on socio-economic, political, and cultural issues. He believes that the narrative and concept behind the art are more critical than the aesthetic. His work “No Rioters” showcased the names and prison terms of activists in the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, which led to its removal by the government.

Amadon is optimistic about the potential of Web3/crypto technology to democratize the art industry, making it more accessible and inclusive. He launched a unique project called Doppelganger, which links a nonfungible token to an array of art instead of a single image. This allows collectors to select which artwork to display while giving the artist control over adding new pieces.

Notable sales of Amadon’s artwork include “BRAIN.WASH” and “Unknown and a Train.” He draws inspiration from artists like Edward Snowden, Banksy, and Gerhard Richter, as well as fellow artists in the Web3 space like XCOPY and Max Capacity.

Amadon values the support of collectors like Anonymoux, who has been instrumental in his artistic journey. He is also involved in initiatives like the 404 catalogue, which provides artists with an opportunity to be seen for their art without the influence of social media presence.

In his creative process, Amadon prefers to work in silence and finds distractions to be detrimental. He appreciates the music of Mariana Makwaia, who uses Doppelganger contracts to build her album with each track having its own metadata.

Overall, Patrick Amadon is a passionate and purposeful artist who uses glitch art as a form of activism and seeks to disrupt traditional art structures through the crypto space.

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