• Market Cap: $2,720,869,152,342.18
  • 24h Vol: $91,452,401,409.53
  • BTC Dominance: 49.66%
Despite challenges, Layer 2 networks achieve $13 billion TVL.

Despite challenges, Layer 2 networks achieve $13 billion TVL.

– Data from L2Beat shows that Ethereum layer 2 networks have reached a milestone of $13 billion in total value locked (TVL) within their contracts.

– This trend of greater interest in layer 2s is expected to continue, although challenges remain in user experience and security.

– Prior to June 15, layer-2 TVL had been declining, but it turned positive and reached a new high of nearly $12 billion by Oct. 31.

– Investment in layer 2 apps continued to climb, surpassing the $13 billion TVL mark on Nov. 10.

– Layer 2s have seen significant growth compared to the bull market of 2021, despite the overall crypto market cap being smaller.

– High gas fees on Ethereum during the bull market led users to seek alternatives, contributing to the growth of layer 2 networks.

– Successful marketing efforts by layer 2 development teams have attracted high user activity and yields.

– Layer 2s still face challenges in user experience, with some networks requiring a seven-day withdrawal processing time.

– Centralization is another challenge for layer 2s, as it goes against the core principles of decentralization and trustlessness.

– Competition from layer 2s is expected to drive improvements in layer 1 networks, leading to higher scalability at the foundational layer.

– The number of layer 2s continues to increase, with OKX and Kraken rumored to be building their own layer 2 networks.

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