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Emergency DAO Cuts Off Rewards for Pools Affected by Hacks

Emergency DAO Cuts Off Rewards for Pools Affected by Hacks

The Curve Finance lending protocol has ended governance token rewards for certain liquidity pools affected by recent exploits. The decision was made by the Curve emergency decentralized autonomous organization (Curve E-DAO) and applies to pools for alETH+ETH, msETH-ETH, pETH-ETH, crvCRVETH, Arbitrum Tricrypto, and multibtc3CRV. The change can be overturned by a full vote of the Curve DAO in the future. The announcement was made by Curve E-DAO member Gabriel Shapiro. The decision was made to prevent further participation in compromised pools. The affected pools were targeted in the July 30 Curve exploit and the July 6 Multichain exploit. The Multichain incident involved over $100 million worth of cryptocurrency being withdrawn from bridges, while the Curve exploit resulted in the loss of over $47 million worth of crypto. Other hacks and scams have also occurred in July and August, including Alphapo allegedly losing $60 million and zkSync being exploited for $3.4 million.

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