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Friend​.tech imitates Stars Arena's patches to fix exploit following financial loss

Friend​.tech imitates Stars Arena’s patches to fix exploit following financial loss

Stars Arena, a Web3 social media app on Avalanche, has experienced a malicious attack that resulted in the loss of some funds. The attack was discovered by a user named Lilitch.eth, who claimed that over $1 million was lost. However, the Stars Arena team confirmed that the actual loss was around $2,000 and that the exploit had been patched to prevent further damage. They referred to the attack as a “war” against the app and emphasized the importance of platform diversity and protecting users’ money. Stars Arena allows users to buy tokenized assets issued by content creators, similar to Since the launch of Stars Arena, Avalanche has seen a significant increase in daily transactions. Some users accused Lilitch.eth of spreading fear and doubt, while others defended the team and highlighted the fix that had been implemented. The conflict between Lilitch.eth and Stars Arena has since been resolved, with Lilitch.eth expressing support for the app now that it has been patched. users have also been targeted by SIM-swap attacks, leading to heightened concerns among users of similar apps. The team has taken steps to address the issue and improve security.

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