• Market Cap: $2,539,601,207,602.89
  • 24h Vol: $96,535,349,431.09
  • BTC Dominance: 51.66%

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Gracy Chen: A Bitcoin ETF Enthusiast and Worldcoin Doubter

Gracy Chen: A Bitcoin ETF Enthusiast and Worldcoin Doubter

Gracy Chen, managing director of global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, has advised against scanning eyeballs in exchange for Worldcoin tokens due to privacy concerns and the anticipated influx of WLD tokens in the future. She also mentions that her American friends often ask for favors related to opening an account, but she refuses such requests. Before joining Bitget, Chen worked as an anchor and producer at Phoenix TV’s tech and finance channel. She co-founded a tax startup for freelancers, which became a unicorn in just three years. Chen is proud of having football legend Lionel Messi join the Bitget team as a partner. She explains that Bitget started in a bear market, similar to Messi’s early struggles with growth hormone deficiency. Chen gained popularity on Twitter after joining the crypto industry and provides simplified explanations of breaking events for her followers. She believes that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds will be approved, possibly in early 2024, and predicts it could drive the next bull market. Regarding the SEC lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance, she suggests Coinbase might settle with fines while Binance faces a more challenging situation but has a strong legal team to fight the battle. Chen recommends taking breaks from social media and doing fundamental research to balance the noise on Twitter.

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