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How diewiththemostlikes became a SuperRare NFT Creator through DMT and a Hellboy outfit

How diewiththemostlikes became a SuperRare NFT Creator through DMT and a Hellboy outfit

Mark Wilson, also known as diewiththemostlikes, is an artist with a unique and distinctive style. His art can be described as grotesque, performative, thought-provoking, and hilarious. He stands out in the digital art market by ridiculing the NFT space and evoking both humor and sadness in his work.

In addition to visual art, Wilson is also a writer and has authored five books. He entered the NFT space after minting his first NFT on Foundation in March 2021. Initially unfamiliar with the concept of minting and platforms like Foundation, he decided to give it a try and see if he could sell his art.

While it took some time to gain traction, Wilson’s consistency and persistence eventually paid off. He has received praise from well-known artists such as OSF and is now on the path to digital art stardom. However, he still finds it hard to believe the success he has achieved.

The name diewiththemostlikes is a playful jab at our obsession with social media likes and the transactional nature of our online existence. Wilson finds comfort in the cumbersome and unenjoyable nature of the name, as it reflects the discomfort and inability to define oneself in the digital world.

Wilson draws inspiration from observing society and its idiosyncrasies. His work often carries open or subliminal messages that make viewers stop and think. He combines this thought-provoking aspect with humor and over-the-top window dressing.

One of Wilson’s notable series is “good meat,” which originated from his annoyance with the repetitive “gm” posts on social media. He began posting art with meat pictures as a way to ridicule this transactional and dull exchange. The series has gained popularity, with people even creating their own “good meat”-inspired posts.

Wilson has had notable sales of his NFTs, including “We saved our marriage,” “After the streetlights stopped grieving,” and “Precious moments.” He describes his personal style of art as relentless and unflinching, with a psychotic pursuit and urgency to convey his messages.

When asked about hot NFT artists to watch, Wilson mentions Xer0x, Alien Queen, and James Bloom. He also gives a shout-out to SuperRare Zach, who onboarded him to the platform.

Wilson’s favorite NFT in his wallet is a quantum portrait of himself created by Pindar Van Arman. He listens to a lot of doom metal and death metal while creating art.

Overall, Mark Wilson, aka diewiththemostlikes, is an artist who has carved out a unique space in the digital art world with his distinctive style, thought-provoking messages, and humorous approach.

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