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Matt Kane, NFT Creator, Driven by Personal Tragedy to Pioneer Generative Art

Matt Kane, NFT Creator, Driven by Personal Tragedy to Pioneer Generative Art

Matt Kane is an artist who has embraced the digital renaissance of putting art on the blockchain. He transitioned from traditional art to digital art by writing his own software, allowing him to push boundaries that were impossible in the physical art world. His collection “Gazers” is considered an OG among generative artists, and he recently released a collection called “Anons” which explores identity through art.

Kane spent time experimenting with different artistic mediums, including physical canvas, but realized that it was his vision that mattered, not the medium. He learned to code to overcome the limitations of traditional art and found that it was the perfect medium for him.

He first heard about NFTs in 2017 but didn’t mint his first NFT until 2019. He initially thought he needed a gallery to represent him on the blockchain but later embraced self-representation and cutting out the middleman.

Kane’s journey to becoming a digital artist has been bittersweet, as he experienced personal tragedy and struggled with his own mental health. However, coding became a way for him to distract his mind and express himself when it was safe to do so.

His artwork is known for its use of color and reflects his sense of history and time. His collection “Gazers” is inspired by caveman days and acts as a lunar calendar for the blockchain. Each artwork in the collection has different rules and changes over time, reflecting the moon phases.

Kane’s artwork has achieved notable sales, including “CryptoArt Monetization Generation” which sold for 320 ETH ($1.24 million) and “Surfacing Water Lilies IV” which sold for 110 ETH ($179,520).

He draws inspiration from eclectic sources such as Andy Kaufman and Mark Rothko, and admires artists like JOY and Josie Bellini who are self-representing on the blockchain.

Kane recommends paying attention to artists like AwfulEye and Panter Xhita, and his favorite NFT in his wallet is his own piece called “Bitcoin Fixes This.”

He values the community of collectors and listens to Italian disco and Giorgio Moroder while creating art.

You can find Matt Kane on Twitter (@MattKaneArtist), Instagram (@mattkaneartist), and his website (

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