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OpenSea's Nightmare: Gothic VR Dreamscapes of Giant Swan Haunt NFT Collectors

OpenSea’s Nightmare: Gothic VR Dreamscapes of Giant Swan Haunt NFT Collectors

The story of Giant Swan, an Australian-based VR painter and sculptor, is one of persistence, timing, and pushing boundaries. He went from sitting in his car crying before work every morning to becoming a successful digital artist.

Giant Swan stands out from other digital artists because he was the first artist to put a 3D object on-chain and his unique and immersive pieces have captured the attention of collectors worldwide.

He credits David Moore from Known Origin for helping him take the plunge into the world of digital art and NFTs. Since minting his first NFT in 2019, Giant Swan has caught the wave of interest in digital art and has gained recognition from collectors such as j1mmy.eth, Moderats Art, and Whale Shark.

Giant Swan’s art is known for its dreamlike states and depth. It evokes emotions and leaves viewers feeling like they’ve had a dream. He creates his art using a virtual reality headset and gaming rig, but he believes a basic VR headset could do the job for most people.

His art explores imperfection and allows digital art to become one of the most organic digital art forms available. His notable sales include pieces like “Anomaly272” sold for 15 ETH ($41,423) and “Nocturnal” sold for 7.5 ETH ($33,292).

In a rapid-fire Q&A, Giant Swan describes his style as a balanced emotional take on surrealism in art. He mentions influences such as Ashley Wood and Jamie Hewlett. He also recommends paying attention to Melbourne artist Mysterious Al.

Giant Swan finds joy in knowing that notable collectors like Pranksy, j1mmy.eth, Josie, Whale Shark, Moderats Art, and Deej own his pieces.

The article also discusses recent notable sales in the NFT art market and OpenSea’s decision to move to optional creator royalties on secondary sales. Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, strongly opposes this decision and there is speculation that they may launch their own marketplace in response.

Lastly, the article highlights a heartwarming initiative by 13-year-old Lilpurpberry from Brisbane, who created Blueberry DAO to support local children’s charities. The first recipient was Variety children’s charity, with funds going towards the “Bikes for Kids” program.

Overall, Giant Swan’s journey from a struggling artist to a successful digital artist showcases the power of persistence, timing, and pushing boundaries in the world of NFTs and digital art.

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