• Market Cap: $2,394,411,279,872.83
  • 24h Vol: $60,417,729,918.25
  • BTC Dominance: 51.48%

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Polygon introduces a novel open-source L2 chain developer stack to bolster Ethereum's ZK-powered layer 2s.

Polygon introduces a novel open-source L2 chain developer stack to bolster Ethereum’s ZK-powered layer 2s.

Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) allows developers to easily build and deploy layer 2 chains connected to the Ethereum ecosystem. The CDK utilizes zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology to ensure security and fast finality. With the release of the open-source codebase, the Ethereum ecosystem could see a variety of new layer 2 protocols built on Polygon’s platform. The CDK offers automatic access to liquidity across all of Polygon’s chains and the wider Ethereum ecosystem, without fragmenting liquidity. Developers can customize their appchains with various options such as rollup or validium mode, different execution environments, data availability solutions, and more. The CDK also connects chains to a shared ZK bridge and an interop layer for efficient cross-chain communication. The use of ZK-proofs enables sub-minute cross-chain transactions and creates a seamless single-chain environment. Compared to other programming languages like StarkWare’s Cairo codebase, Polygon CDK offers unique architecture and faster finality and withdrawal times. Overall, ZK-proofs are seen as the future of Ethereum scalability due to their mathematical security and efficiency.

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