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Upcoming Launch of zkEVM Scroll: A Community-Built Ethereum Solution

Upcoming Launch of zkEVM Scroll: A Community-Built Ethereum Solution

– Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang is working on a community-driven decentralized scaling solution for Ethereum called Scroll.

– The project aims to stay true to Ethereum’s values and principles while scaling the network.

– The team has been working on Scroll for two years, driven by a shared vision and a love for the project.

– The zkEVM (zero-knowledge EVM) is set to launch within weeks after extensive testing and code audits.

– Scroll will launch after major projects like Uniswap and Aave are ready to deploy on the platform.

– Zhang believes that ZK-rollups are the best layer-2 scaling solution, offering cheap and secure transactions.

– While there are already other zkEVM solutions in the market, Zhang claims that Scroll provides a complete proof of all Ethereum opcodes and transaction components.

– Scroll uses zero-knowledge proofs to compress data off-chain, enabling higher throughput.

– The initial setup of Scroll involves some centralization, but the roadmap aims to decentralize further over time.

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