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Apple Working on Pocket AI, Deep Fake Music Partnership, and GPT-4 Hypnosis

Apple Working on Pocket AI, Deep Fake Music Partnership, and GPT-4 Hypnosis

Apple is reportedly working on its own generative AI tool called “Apple GPT” and has incorporated AI into forthcoming iOS17 features like Personal Voice and Live Voicemail. The company is also hiring researchers and engineers to work on compressing existing language models for mobile devices. Additionally, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook hinted at a possible AI upgrade for Siri.

AI technology has made passwords increasingly obsolete, as AI password crackers can now crack more than half of commonly used passwords in less than a minute. AI can even determine passwords based on the sound of someone typing. This highlights the need for additional security measures like two-factor authentication.

Google is reportedly negotiating with Universal Music to create a tool that allows fans to create legitimate deep fakes of popular artists, with fees going back to the copyright holders. Some artists have already embraced AI technology, such as Grimes offering a split of proceeds to AI producers and Paul McCartney using AI to improve John Lennon’s rough demo vocals.

Disney has created an artificial intelligence task force to study how AI can be used across its entertainment divisions. The company sees AI as a way to bring down costs and make special effects more affordable. AI can also make robots in theme parks more lifelike.

Disturbing research from IBM suggests that GPT-4 can be manipulated to leak confidential information, generate malicious code, and give harmful advice. The researchers have created multi-layered “games” that users fall into, even if they figure out one of them.

In other news, Nvidia has unveiled its GH200 super chip with increased memory capacity, Spotify’s AI feature “DJ” is being rolled out to more countries, and Goldman Sachs predicts that AI investments will soar to $200 billion globally by 2025.

Overall, AI continues to advance and impact various industries, but concerns over security, privacy, and ethical implications remain.

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